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There are tons of advantages to building a backyard pond, from enhanced landscaping beauty to reduced noise pollution. When you get the ecosystem just right, you can even enjoy increased garden health.

Some property owners realize the hard way that pond maintenance takes more time, effort, and expertise than they expected. This is where pond care professionals come in handy.

How can you find the best pond maintenance services here in Sioux Falls? We’re here to help you narrow down your options. Read on for our guide to finding great pond care. 

What to Look for in Pond Maintenance Services

For many homeowners, a backyard pond becomes an indispensable component of the garden or landscape. When you’re looking for someone to take care of your complex and lively water feature, there are a few factors to verify first. 


When you’re looking for a professional to take care of any part of your yard, your goal is to find someone with the experience and expertise you don’t already possess. Paying someone to take a trial and error approach to your pond is a waste of money and can lead to more issues than you started with.

When it comes to pond maintenance, look for a company that has experience with designing, installing, and maintaining ponds. These professionals can identify and fix just about any issue, including problems with your ponds design or equipment installation.

Great Reviews

It’s one thing for a company to talk about the caliber of their work and customer service. It’s another to hear more about it from one of their previous clients. Thanks to online reviews, you can get a well-rounded impression of a company before hiring them.

Look beyond star ratings and see what previous clients have to say about things like timeliness, communication, and results. When pond care professionals have a clear track record of exceeding client expectations, you know you’re in good hands.

Proper Equipment

A great pond care professional will show up with all the equipment they need, whether they’re just cleaning a pond or replacing entire filtration systems. This is another benefit to working with a company that designs and installs custom ponds. They’ll have familiarity with and access to a wide variety of pond equipment.

Having all the parts you’ll need will save both time and money. You can get your pond serviced in fewer appointments without having to worry about ordering parts yourself.

License and Insurance

Working with licensed hardscaping professionals is always the way to go. Having an active license ensures that a company has met all state standards to operate, including any training requirements.

Working with an insured professional is just as important, if not more so. Business insurance protects clients from bearing financial liability if something goes wrong during the job. 

For example, business insurance will cover the cost if your pond care professional gets injured on your property. The same goes for any undue damage that may occur to your property. Uninsured contractors may offer cheap services, but those cheap services can come at a high cost.

Great Pricing

Finally, it’s time to talk about pricing. We prioritize transparency when it comes to all of our pond installation and maintenance packages, and we encourage you to hire a pond care professional who does the same.

Great pricing tends to fall in the middle ground, meaning not the lowest (which can come with shoddy work) and not the highest. Always verify that a company offers payment plan options that work for your budget before signing any contracts.

Signs You Need Pond Care

It’s easy to assume that a well-designed pond will take care of itself. However, even the best pond needs active care from time to time. Here are a few of the signs that you should hire pond care professionals.

Equipment Malfunctions

Unless you’ve built a natural pond, you probably have at least one piece of equipment playing a crucial role in the health of your pond. You may have a submersible pump, external pump, filter, or waterfall kit, to name a few of the most common units found in ponds.

When your pond equipment malfunctions, you may find yourself having to clean or rebalance the pH of your pond more often. You may also notice that the flow of water is no longer consistent. No matter what, your best option is to have a professional take a closer look.

Excess Algae

Each pond has a unique ecosystem (which we’ll discuss more below), so beneficial algae types and levels will vary. However, you may start to notice that your entire pond is covered in blooms or that a new type of algae is taking over.

Algae needs a few things to thrive, but a big one is nutrient availability. If you have too many fish in your pond or your filtration system isn’t working right, you may start to see new or excessive algae growth that requires professional intervention.

Ecosystem Disruptions

Even if you’ve never introduced a single fish into your pond, you’re still creating a unique ecosystem with your backyard water feature. This mini system probably keeps itself balanced most of the time, but changes can occur that disrupt your pond ecosystem.

Excess algae growth is one sign that your ecosystem needs help. Other signs include an increase in unwanted pests (like mosquitos), fish kills, and muddy water. Pond maintenance professionals can help identify the source of your ecosystem disruption and make adjustments to return balance.

Call Next Level Outdoor Services for Pond Care and More

Water features like ponds can turn a plain backyard into an oasis. Ponds add beauty, serenity, and even a bit of garden support to your property. When your pond needs help, you deserve the best pond maintenance service you can find.

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