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The Benefits of Hiring Professional Hardscaping Services in Sioux Falls, SD

A lot is made about your landscaping, but hardscaping is just as important. Whether you spend a lot of time out enjoying your yard or you're trying to improve your curb appeal, professional lawn care and landscaping are important. One aspect of lawn care services is hardscaping, which involves all of the non-organic elements of your yard.

Today, we're going to tell you some of the benefits of hiring professional hardscaping services in St. Cloud. Your lawn and plants come and go with the seasons, but your paths, planters, and decks are there year-round. Keep reading and see how a lawn care business can help you with the hard stuff, too.

Expand Your Backyard Experience

Hardscaping allows you to turn your backyard into whatever you want it to be. By building paths, walls, patios, or planters, you can craft the perfect outdoor living space for your needs.

It allows you to create different types of spaces in your yard. If you want somewhere to sit around a fire or more privacy, a professional lawn care company that offers hardscaping can do it.

Boost Property Value

When you invest in hardscaping, you're boosting your curb appeal and thus, your property value. The fact of the matter is that buyers care about outdoor space. If your home is already set up with gorgeous landscaping and hardscaping, you'll sell easier and get more for your home.

Hardscaping is an investment that doesn't degrade, either. When you install a stone wall or a patio, it's going to stand the test of time. Each passing year will boost your hardscaping ROI.

Complement the Landscaping

Hardscaping and lawn treatment go hand in hand. In working with a professional landscaper, you'll be able to implement hardscaping that complements your landscaping.

Whether it's a set of raised beds for flowers or shrubs lining a stone pathway, you'll be able to create the ideal outdoor living space that's both relaxing and functional.

Create Privacy

Certain aspects of hardscaping can greatly increase privacy in your backyard. A stone wall surrounding a sunken seating area, for instance, allows you to relax with complete privacy.

Hardscaping can also give your backyard more shade, making it more comfortable and better suited for different types of furniture. Outdoor furniture degrades when it's exposed to harmful UV rays, which are also harmful to your skin. More shade makes your backyard more usable.

Reduce Maintenance

The more hardscaping you implement in your yard, the less lawn treatment you'll need. This is down to the simple fact that you'll have less grass to water and cut, and less weeding and pruning to do in the spring.

Get the Best Lawn Care and Landscaping in Sioux Falls, SD

Getting professional hardscaping is the best way to improve your outdoor spaces. If you want to experience all of the benefits we've discussed here, you need a great lawn care and landscaping business to help you.

At Next Level Outdoor Services, we've been providing residents of St. Cloud with high-level landscaping, hardscaping, and snow removal services since 2014. To start transforming your property, contact us today and we'll help you create the hardscaping plan of your dreams.

residential and Commercial Lawn Care

The Importance of Professional Residential and Commercial Lawn Care in Sioux Falls, SD

Among homeowners who invest in curb appeal, 75% say they have a greater desire to be home since improving their lawns. Another 59% say they feel an increased sense of enjoyment when they are at home. Investing in residential and commercial lawn care can save you time, energy, and stress. On the fence?

Read on to discover the importance of professional lawn care in Sioux Falls, SD today!

Less Physical Labor

The average American spends about six hours a month mowing the lawn, along with:

  • Three hours laying mulch
  • Three hours edging the yard
  • Four hours pulling weeds
  • Four hours watering the lawn
  • Four hours tending to a garden
  • Eight hours on miscellaneous tasks

You could end up spending 32 hours a month on your yard if you're not investing in professional services. Choosing lawn care services will give you more time to spend on friends, family, or your business.

Spending less time on physical labor could help you avoid a potential accident. People who have difficulty operating heavy equipment or who struggle with limited mobility won't have to strain themselves.

Instead, you can invest in professional lawn care with peace of mind knowing an expert is handling it for you.

Curb Appeal

Whether you own a business or home, it's important to maintain your curb appeal.

In most cases, your property's exterior makes a first impression on guests. A well-maintained landscape can convey a positive message. For homeowners, it's inviting, while for businesses, it conveys a sense of professionalism.

If you plan on selling your home or business, curb appeal can boost your resale value, too.

An Inviting Entrance

Investing in lawn care services will allow you to create an inviting entrance space that aligns with your needs and goals. For example, you can use different textures and colors to design a pathway that guides guests to your door.

Creating an inviting entrance is a great way to encourage repeat visits.

Weed and Pest Control

If you're too busy to invest time on yard work, weeds could grow, attracting pests.

Professional lawn care services will help you maintain a pristine landscape. You can keep weeds at bay and ensure they don't take over your yard. Your lawn care professionals will keep your yard looking its best, which can ensure a pest-free environment.

Save Money

The average annual expenditure on lawn care and gardening activities in the U.S. was $503 in a single year. If you choose the do-it-yourself route, you'll have to dedicate time and money to tools and equipment.

Investing in professional lawn care services can save you money in the long run. You won't have to pay for mowers, mulch, blowers, or other tools. Instead, you can invest in your yard.

Remember, investing in your yard could improve your property's resale value later.

Invest in Residential and Commercial Lawn Care Today

Don't handle the yard work alone. Instead, invest in residential and commercial lawn care services. With professional lawn care, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your stunning yard without stress.

Need help with your yard in St. Cloud? Next Level Outdoor Services can handle all of your outdoor landscaping needs.

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lawn diseases

Your Guide to Identifying 6 Common Lawn Diseases in Sioux Falls, SD

The average American spends 3.4 hours per week on lawn care. They spend $55 per month. Lawn diseases from harmful pathogens can ruin that investment. They thrive in certain weather conditions or during stressors such as droughts, excessive rain, or abnormal temperatures.

Proper residential and commercial lawn care removes the pathogens and helps your yard grow again, but it works best if you know what treatment you need. Read on for tips on identifying six of the most common lawn diseases.

1. Leaf Spots

Checking for color changes is one of the easiest ways to identify lawn diseases. Small, circular abnormalities could point to a range of issues.

Large lawn brown spots are common in warm weather when the heat and humidity increase. They often infect cool-season grasses such as ryegrass and tall fescue.

The spots affect the upper side of the leaves and can get darker. They're typically caused by fungal lawn diseases such as:

  • Pythium blight
  • Leaf smut
  • Slime mold

You may also notice a smaller version of this issue called "dollar spot." Small lesions with a darker border appear. The perfect recipe for them is a combination of warm day temperatures, high humidity, and cool nights.

2. Lawn Rust

This fungal disease occurs in dry weather or when your grass is low in nitrogen. It thrives during warm periods with no humidity and makes the lawn susceptible to other turf forms of turf disease.

The best way to identify lawn rust is to pull a few blades. Check for orange-red to yellow-brown dust or spores.

3. Fusarium Patches

This fungus appears in small, round, wet patches. They range in color from orange to brown to light gray.

Consecutive wet, cool days in autumn or spring contribute to the disease's growth. Soil that's high in nitrogen but low in phosphorous and potassium and slow-growing lawns do as well.

4. Powdery Mildew

This fungus favors slow-growing turf and cool-season grasses, especially Kentucky bluegrass. It grows best in shaded areas during spring and autumn.

Powdery mildew first shows up on the blades of your leaves. It looks like a small cobweb or dusting.

Call a lawn care company early if you notice this disease. It grows quickly and can make your lawn look like it's been covered in talcum powder or flower. It can also cause leaves to wither and die.

5. Pythium

Pythium appears during warm, wet days. It favors low, wet areas such as the natural course of your lawn's drainage system.

It infects your grass with small, purplish, water-soaked patches. It also has a greasy or slimy feel. The blades around it will stick together, and their roots will rot and die. Perennial ryegrass and bent grass are the most commonly affected.

6. Snow Mold

Snowfall in St. Cloud Minnesota averages 50 inches per year. The city needs residential and commercial lawn care to prevent one of the most insidious lawn diseases.

Snow mold, as its name suggests, appears in early spring after the snow melts. It grows under leaves or in long grasses.

Pink snow mold affects the crown of plants. It causes more injury than the gray variety which only affects the leaf tissue. The spots can be large, and the blades get soaked.

Treatment for Lawn Diseases

Identifying lawn diseases keeps them from overtaking your outdoor space. A few of the most common are leaf spots, lawn rust, fusarium patches, powdery mildew, pythium, and snow mold.

Contact Next Level Outdoor Services for the best lawn service in Sioux Falls, SD today.